This plugin is for easy relinking ASS/Texture files in your current project. You can import objects with Standins from different locations and relink it to your current project structure.
For this you can use this plugin for easy reLinking your Standins and Textures. It was realized with the help of the Arnold Python API and some Python code.
To get it work you have to link it to your current SItoA PLugin path which happens automaticly and set your Environment varibale to the current Arnold API.

You have two options to reLink your ASS and Texture files:

- copy your ASS and Texture files manually (windows explorer) to your new place and just browse to your new ASS and texture   path
- or just select your objects in your Softimage explorer and set the new path where it should copy the ASS and texture files which   are used in your Standins. The plugin reads every used Standin (ASS path) and Texture path in the associated ASS file path   automaticly and copy the files to your new projectpaths and reLink it.

This is something really usefull for me if you have hundreds of objects from older projects to bring every thing to your new project.
3D:Softimage, Python, Arnold API