Big fish eat little fish? Fighting fish? No such thing below the horizon - welcome to the rich underwater world of Bank Coop, your Fair Banking company from peaceful little Switzerland. Although we did not use explicit symbols like gold fish or silver swarms, you get the picture.
my tasks:
Modeling/Particle Animation(Softimage/Arnold)

3D:Softimage, Rendering with Arnold
client:Bank Coop AG, Basel/Switzerland
marketing:Mathias von Wartburg (Head of Competence
  Center Marketing), Barbara Guertler (Advertising
agency:Ruf Lanz Werbeagentur AG, Zurich/Switzerland

Creative Direction:Danielle Lanz, Markus Ruf
Art Direction:Florian Fleischmann, Mario Moosbrugger
Copy:Andreas Hornung
Consultants:Heike Rindfleisch, Sabrina Luck

Film Production:Markenfilm Schweiz AG, Zurich/Switzerland
Producer:Uli Scheper