Sadly this fully produced commercial was not finding the way into the current campaign so it’s not for public. But it was a really nice and funny project with German actor Jürgen Vogel.

Vogel checkt − how the digitalization is coming along for Deutsche Post and DHL and what it means to us. A lot has changed in the last decades and Jürgen Vogel shows us how − with a fun twist in the end.

password for the video: dhl
my tasks:

3D:Houdini 18.5, Rendering with Redshift
2D:Nuke (PreComp)

Client:Deutsche Post & DHL
Agency:Aufbruch Scheven Kroke
Production Company:Markenfilm Berlin
Postproduction + VFX:Infected

Director:Benjamin Brettschneider
Producer:Pawel Wlodarczyk
3D Artists:Felix Geremus, Alexander Siquans
2D Artists:Jona Maluck