Remote work for Sehsucht GmbH Hamburg.
A timeless vehicle that was to become an icon through the years. A landmark of automotive engineering, it’s DNA preserved in 44 tons of Amber, now reborn in the all new Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

To prove that the legend lives on in the new 2018 models, Ole Peters, the director and the team transitioned between macro perspectives of amber resin, vast landscapes and epic urban structures.
my tasks:

3D:Maya 2017, Rendering with Redshift/Arnold
2D:Nuke (PreComp)
Client:Daimler AG
Agency:antoni, Berlin
Creative Direction:Martin Pross, Tilman Gossner
Art Director:Matthias Bauer
Copywriter:Alexander Holtz
Producer:Mark Rotà
Account Management:Robin Weintraut

Production:Sehsucht GmbH, Hamburg/Germany
Director:Ole Peters
Executive Producer:Jan Tiller
Producers:Tanya Curnow, Stephan Reinsch