Remote work for Sehsucht GmbH Hamburg.

The extraordinary performance of China's elite athletes were transformed to symbolize the most important attributes of the new Skoda Superb. For the agency FCB in Shanghai we created a visual interplay between speed, endurance, strength and precision.

My task was to create the CG Environments for the runners sequence at the beginning.
my tasks:
7 Shots for the runner sequence
Lighting/Shading/Render Setup(Softimage/Arnold)

3D:Softimage, Rendering with Arnold

Senior Director for Marketing:Xie JinHui
Agency:FCB Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer:Wei Fei
Producer:Jasmine Ruan

Production:Possible International Films Shanghai
Director:Ole Peters
DoP:Bernd Wondollek
Storyboard Artist:Malte Romainczyk
Executive Producer:Penny Peng, Jiajia Guo
General Producer:Turtle Wu
Post Producer:Sean Xu
Assistent Producer:Wing Cai
Production Assistent:Chant Xu, Xiaoqiang Liu


Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb